Beginner Yoga Flexibility Exercise to Release Stress And Toned The Body


Beginner yoga flexibility exercise will help you to release stress, tone your body, and help lose weight. It can be done at home especially for people who don’t have time to go to the gym.

8 Beginner Yoga Flexibility Exercise to Release Stress And Toned The Body



1. Downward dog

Adho mukha svanasana

This beginner yoga flexibility exercise pose Helps to stretch the shoulders, calves, hamstrings and arches of the feet, also to strengthen the lower and upper body.

Pull in your navel towards you in this pose and use a yoga block to elevate your hand if you have trouble opening shoulders during the pose

How to:

  • Kneel on the floor, spread your arms slightly forward from your shoulders
  • Raise your knees off the floor and spread your fingertips and your toes under
  • Hold your head between your arms and lengthen tailbone to the sky
  • Hold pose for a minute

2. Seated forward bend


This beginner yoga workout for flexibility is precise to help improve spinal and shoulder flexibility

How to:

  • Start by sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you.
  • Inhale, sit tall, lenghten tailbone, exhale lean forward
  • Then stretch arms forward to hold your legs towards the angle
  • Hold pose for a minute and dont push youraelf more that your body can take

3. Extended triangle pose


You’ll probably need to brace your torso against a wall because you need a good balance for this pose.

This beginner yoga workout for flexibility is for sure the big bang.

You tight hamstrings , calves , shoulders , hips and spine will get flexible all in this pose. you’ll probably need to take a rest for about 3 mins so you don’t push your self atleast thats what i do.

How to:

  • Spread your feet wider than your normal width on the floor, then strecth arms outb from the sides.
  • Slightly rotate your right foot in and rotate your left foot out much further until 90 degrees(you dont need actually calculate it though, you know what a 90 degrees looks like)
  • Make your right and left foot be in line, extend your torso out over your right leg then bend down from your hip.
  • Rotate torso left, lay your right hand on your shin or ankle and breath …dont push yourself
  • Press back heel into the floor, stay in pose for 45 secs.

Take 2 mins break.

4. Cobblers pose

Baddha konasana

When I’m in this pose i like to do a lil bit of meditation or focus yunno, it looks so relaxing.

Anyways this cobblers beginner yoga workout for flexibility pose can and will help open your hips and inner thighs.

Also this pose balances with the wide legged forward bend.

How to:

  • Sit on the floor, bring the heels of your feet together as you bend you kneels.
  • Pull your heels towards you as your kneels fall to the sides
  • Make your feet stay pressed together as you sit up straight.
  • Hold pose for one minute
  • if you can’t hold the pose well… use a yoga block.

5. Wide legged forward bend

Prasarita padottanasana


Wide legged fodward bend helps to stretch out the lower back also in stretching the inner and outer thighs.

To be honest with the pose can be a lil difficult for beginners, i remember i use a chair but sometimes i just fold my arms to protect my spine, so i suggest you do the same.

  • Stand on your yoga mat with your legs spread wide and your hands on your hips.
  • Inhale , lengthen your torso, exhale and lean forward from your hips.
  • Let your fingers touch the floor right below your shoulders
  • As you keep strecthing, try to let the crown of your head touch the floor
  • Hold pose for a minute

6. Eye of the needle



If you’re having tight muscles in your hip and you’re unable to strectch, this eye of the needle pose is the perfect beginner yoga workout for flexibility in the hips

how to:

  • Lay on your back as you cross one ankle over the opposite thigh, then you’ll feel a slight release in your thigh or hip
  • Now for a deeper stretch:
  • Lift the bottom leg off the ground slowly and slightly while wrapping your arms around your hamstring for support,
  • Hold pose for only 30secs

Take another 2mins break

7. Pigeon pose

Eka pada rajakapotasana


This beginner yoga workout for flexibility pose as i said earlier balances with the cobbler pose in the sense that the benefits are almost the same. Pigeon pose also strecthes the inner thighs, hips and back.

If you have tight hips, you will need yoga blocks to be placed under their butts.

how to:

  • start in a low lounge position
  • Lower your back knee to the floor, then fold your front knee to the floor in front of you
  • lower your butt to the floor, keep your back legs straight.
  • Exhale into your hips as they are squared to the front of your yoga mat.
  • Hold for about 30-60 secs

8. Head to knee forward bend

(janu sirsasana)


This beginner yoga flexibility exercise pose will stretch the spine, shoulders, hamstrings and groins. With many other benefits i won’t mention here.

How to:

  • Begin by sitting on your yoga mat with one leg stretched out straight and the other bends touching your inner thighs.
  • With your back held upright, bend straight holding the heel of your feet.
  • hold pose for 30-60 secs

Now get a sit and relax, arrhhh that was so energetic. Ahhaa i see you’re feeling like a rubber already.

This beginner yoga flexibility exercise should be done moderately. You can then gradually increase how long you spend on a pose as it gets easier for you to bend and stretch.

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