Best 3 Yoga Poses For Anxiety and Stress Relief


If you are suffering from anxiety or stress due to work and life pressure, l compiled here the best 3 yoga poses for anxiety and stress relief.

Anxiety greatly affects your productivity in school, business, work, and in every part of your life. The good news is that there are some yoga poses that have the ability of relieving anxiety. Here are some of the most effective poses:

Best 3 Yoga Poses For Anxiety and Stress Relief


1. Standing forward bend

This move is very relaxing due to its inversion properties. To do it you need to stand straight on a comfortable place and then slowly bend at your hips until your hands reach the floor. You should keep your hands on your feet or on the floor and then stay in this position for 20-30 seconds and continue breathing deeply.

Other than helping you to get rid of anxiety, this move also plays a major role in stretching muscles at the back of your body. The move also tones the abdominal organs and makes your spine supple. For ideal results you should do this pose several times a day.

2. Legs up the wall

Also known as Viparita Karani, this restorative asana helps you to root your body and let stress to drift away. To do the pose you should sit with your left side against a wall and then gently turn your body to the left and move your legs onto the wall.

At this position you should lower your back to the floor and lie down while letting your shoulders and head to rest on the floor. You should then scoot your bottom close to the wall and allow your arms to rest open at your sides.

At this position you should close your eyes and hold for 5-10 minutes. Once you feel tension building you should release the pose and slowly push yourself away from the wall and slide your legs down to the right side.

3. Fish pose

This move not only aids in relieving anxiety, but it also aids in opening your heart, lungs and chest and as a result you allow fresh air to easily circulate the body. To assume the pose you need to start in a lying position with your legs extended and your arms resting alongside your body.

You should then press your forearms and elbows into the floor and lift your chest in order to create an arch in your upper back. You should also lift your shoulder blades and upper torso up, and tilt your head back. You should also move the crown of your head to the floor.

You should keep pressing though your hands and forearms and hold for five breaths.

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