Top 6 Yoga Poses For Back Pain Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief


People who suffer from chronic pain will tell you that it is not a pleasant experience. In fact, it can be quite debilitating. I have here the top 6 yoga poses for back pain sciatic nerve pain relief.

An increasing number of people are now turning to yoga for pain relief. There are many reasons why we suffer from back pain. Incorrect posture is probably the most common cause for back pain, because the way we walk or sit places added strain on our backs.

As experienced yoga practitioners can testify, yoga is not about short bursts of intensive actions that can actually cause damage, but rather slow and gentle stretching postures that strengthen the muscles and promotes suppleness. The top 4 yoga poses for back pain will help cure sciatic nerve pain.

Top 6 Yoga Poses For Back Pain Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief


1. The Mountain Pose

There are excellent yoga poses that can help relieve pain. One such pose is the Mountain pose, which can be quite rigorous if you pay attention to what you are doing. This pose helps with back pain by developing the ideal spinal alignment.

To do this pose, stand-up straight with your arms press slightly against the sides, and the palms facing forward. Now flex your muscles in the knees, thighs, stomach and buttocks while balancing your weight evenly on both feet. Inhale through the nostrils and arch your back by lifting the buttocks backwards and thrusting their abdomen forwards. Tilt your head as far back as possible.

2. Sun Salutation

Standing upright with feet comfort positioned and balanced bring, your hands in front of your chest in a prayer position. Now take a breathe and slowly raise your arms over your head. If comfortable bend forward and touch the floor with your hands. For beginners I would recommend only bending as far a resting your hands on your knees. You could also just do the first half raising your arms overhead.

3. The Corpse Pose

Lying flat on your back in a relaxed position, arms resting at your sides, palms down, and legs lying naturally, with knees turned out slightly. Next breathe in and out for a few seconds while allowing any tension to leave the body.

4. The Cat Pose

Starting out on your hands and knees and keeping your back flat, hands under your shoulders and knees directly under your hips. Hold your head loosely looking at the floor. Take a breathe and as you let the breathe out arch your back and tuck your chin to your chest and tuck your tailbone.underneath. Hold then release going back to the original position.

5. Moggy Stretch Pose

Another simple yoga pose you can practice for back trouble relief is the moggy stretch pose. Simply stand straight. Your back should be properly aligned and absolutely straight. Keep your hands below the shoulders and knees straight below the hips. Now gently look down. Your chin should be tucked in so that your gaze is at your navel. Now take a big breath and on exhalation delicately raise your back towards the ceiling. This yoga pose will help you ease out various symptoms of sciatica.

6. Fish Pose

Another simple but a touch challenging yoga pose that may help fight back stiffness is the fish pose. Lie down straight on the floor with your legs stretched out. Bend both your knees. Now forcefully place the elbows on the ground. Push your elbows against the ground making an attempt to lift your back as much as humanly possible. Make sure that you don’t overexert yourself while practicing this pose. Come back to the standard position and relax for a couple of seconds and then practice again. It is recommended that you do at least four to 5 repetitions at first.

Because most of us suffer from poor posture, these yoga poses will not only correct this deficiency, but also help in relieving back pain.

Instead of spending large amounts of money on expensive surgery, which in most cases is unnecessary, it is far better to use yoga for back pain relief.

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