Yoga Positions for Absolute Beginners Tips You Will Love


Yoga positions for absolute beginners actually seem to me very confusing as well as misinterpreted. Some people are saying do these postures and some say no these are the postures to be taken into your consideration.

So I had a deep thought in this regard and revealing to you what I have discovered.

Actually I have not discovered anything, but these are discovered by Great Sages of India thousands of years ago. So the wise man says follow the expert!

So far so good, now I am like you only be trying to figure out what are the positions beginners should opt for if he or she wants to start Yoga from the scratch.

From over 13 years of experience I can start at any point, but for a genuine beginner what should be the options. In most of the ancient yogic texts you will find that the Great Sages always advised us to take the simple and easy meditative poses first to start with.

After the perfection, you can practice Yoga in the advance level for better therapeutic advantage gains.

So, according to ancient yogic texts we should first practice meditative poses like Siddhasana (Perfect Posture), Padmasana (Lotus Posture) and the Bhadrasana (Gentle Posture). Fine.

Now if you are starting from scratch you will definitely find it difficult to perform these meditative postures because you are not having your muscles flexed at any point. It may also harm your joints without flexibility in your muscles as well as joints.

Before you move further, I will suggest that to you to be warmed up and your muscles be flexed at the advance level. And for this flexibility the Sages also discovered a method that is not only beneficial for you to have your joints and muscles flexible, but also it is enough to give you all the benefits you can have by practicing advanced level yoga postures.

Yoga Positions for Absolute Beginners Tips You Will Love


So the yoga positions for absolute beginners will begin by practicing first as SUN-SALUTATION or Surya Namaskar.

Surya Namaskar

This Surya Namaskar method is for them who never tried yoga and for them too who are having a time problem. This method of simple and easy twelve workout process a combination of form, energy and rhythm which will get you prepared to practice yoga at the advance level and it has several benefits as well. Sun Salutation stimulates your entire neuro-muscular system and also supply huge quantities of purified Oxygen and keeps the balance between your whole body systems.

Practice this first for at least 15 days and then try to take meditative postures and then try to take yourself at advance level of yoga. I am illustrating how to do Sun Salutation here in this article, l also have below yoga positions for absolute beginners video that demonstrate the moves.


First Position:

Stand up with your palms folded in Namaskara Mudra just in front of chest and keep your feet close together. Breathing is normal.

Second Position:

Then raise your hands upwards while your palms are still in the Namaskara mudra and your hands will be touching ears. Now stretch your hands and abdomen upwards as much as possible and inhale.

Third Position:

Now bend forward and keep your palms at the side of your respective feet and make sure your forehead is touching your knees and now exhale breath completely.

Fourth Position:

Now sit down on your toes and push right leg backward and automatically left leg is in front between your palms. Now look straight ahead and inhale as well as raise your head a little.

Fifth Position:

Now take the left leg back which was in front just beside the right leg which was previously backward, then raise your hips upwards and make align with the head with the support of your hands and exhale.

Sixth Position:

Now lower your body with the support of your palms on the ground and make sure that your knees, head, chest is touching the ground and try to hold your breath here.

Seventh Position:

Now keep your waist lower and raise your upper parts of the body by keeping your hands straight and inhale.

Eighth Position:

Then bring your head down to the ground and raise your hips like a V shape and look towards your heels and exhale.

Ninth Position:

Repeat the fourth number position and draw the air in.

Tenth Position:

Here also repeat the third position and exhale.

Eleventh Position:

Now repeat position number two and inhale.

Final Position:

Then return to the position number one and breathe normal.

Do this in the morning. This will re-vitalize you, through Solar Vitalization for sure.

Caution: Do not try to be over smart by adopting the yoga postures which are of advanced level and you do not know much about it. Just do not go by the benefits of several advanced level yoga postures you may have been introduced through internet or somewhere else.

Hope this will clear any doubts from your mind. So do not wait and prepare yourself to practice yoga at the advance level.

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